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Helping Our Community Grow & Flourish 

We are in search of people that possess our core values of Loyalty, Community, and Selflessness. These select few play different roles in our endurance community.  They are athletes, volunteers, supporters, and family.


I am only one person but I inspire many.

My daily actions are driven by my purpose.

My purpose is to build, inspire, motivate

and give back to the community that has

given me the opportunity to find myself.

I will continue on my journey to uplift others

and remind them that


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I be a part of other organizations?

Yes, we want you in the community making a difference.

I’m not fast can I still be ambassador?

Yes, it’s not about speed it’s about inspiring others.

Do I have to use Social Media?

No, but will help you communicate with your LPC Family.

Is this for triathletes?

No, it’s for athletes, volunteers, supporters, and family in endurance sports.

We are not like other ambassador programs. We are not recruiting social media influencers, there are no requirements to race in our kit, and we are not trying to entice you with discounts or sponsors.  We are simply not looking for takers.  We are looking for givers. Most of us started endurance sports because we saw the teamwork, encouragement and the impossible become the possible. As we strive to build and give back to our community we are looking for like hearted people to share in our journey.

If this resonates with you then take the next step by filling out THE COMMUNITY (Here) application. After the applications has been reviewed. Those applications that are accepted will move to the next level of selection. The next level is a phone interview with the Founder of THE COMMUNITY, Morgon Latimore. During the call he will answer any and all questions i.e. financial responsibilities, ambassador uniforms, and conduct expectations.


Application process opens 1 October 2019 and closes 31 October 2019, Midnight.

ACCEPTANCE will be announced within 2 weeks of closing.

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