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Change Lives and Inspire Others

Team Latitude athletes represent the highest values of Latitude Pure Coaching (LPC).

Team Latitude

If you have entered this page then you have the passion to be

at the forefront of changing lives and inspiring others.

Team Latitude athletes represent the highest values of Latitude Pure Coaching (LPC). We are looking for athletes that are loyal members of the endurance community and that have the drive and passion to help continue to build it.  Along with that we are looking for selfless athletes that strive to empower others daily. We are looking for athletes that understand that there is only so much we can do alone but there is nothing that we can’t do if we are working together.



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I am only one person but I inspire many.

My daily actions are driven by my purpose.

My purpose is to build, inspire, motivate

and give back to the community that has

given me the opportunity to find myself.

I will continue on my journey to uplift others

and remind them that


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I be a part of other organizations?

Yes, we want you in the community making a difference.

I’m not fast can I still be on the team?

Yes, it’s not about speed it’s about inspiring others.

Do I have to use Social Media?

No, but will help you communicate with your LPC Family.

Is this for triathletes?

No, it’s for endurance athletes. Runners, Swimmers, Cyclist or all the above.

Can I be coached by someone else? 

Yes. You can also retain coaching with a LPC coach which comes with a monthly financial obligation.

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If this resonates with you then take the next step by filling out the Team Latitude (Link) application. After the applications has been reviewed. Those applications that are accepted will move to the next level of selection. The next level is a phone interview with the Head Coach Morgon Latimore. During the call he will answer any and all questions i.e. financial responsibilities, ambassador uniforms, and conduct expectations.


Application process opens 14 September 2020 and closes 16 October 2020, Midnight.

ACCEPTANCE will be announced within 2 weeks of closing.

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